TL;DR : Place the XrmToolBox plugin DLL in %AppData%\MscrmTools\XrmToolBox\Plugins folder and get going.

XrmToolBox is undoubtedly the best productivity tool for D365 developer. Few days back, one person in forum was trying to use third party XrmToolBox plugin in On-Premises environment where internet was not available for some reason. Let’s see how to handle this situation.

question in forum

To use any XrmToolBox plugin without internet we have to grab the DLL of the plugin, which you can get in two ways.

1. Get the DLL from already installed XrmToolBox

Navigate to %AppData%\MscrmTools\XrmToolBox\Plugins in machine where you have already installed desired XrmToolBox plugin and find for the DLL.


For example I have this plugin installed and I want this in my no internet environment.


Look for the DLL with this/similar name, may contain author name etc. For this one DLL is Ryr.XrmToolBox.EntityImageUpdater.dll.

2. Build the DLL from source code if open source

You can navigate to and search for desired plugin.


Once you found it. check whether it’s open source. navigate to source code location, grab it build it. Like this awesome plugin is developed by Natraj Yegnaraman and source code is hosted at GitHub/rajyraman/Ryr.XrmToolBox.EntityImageUpdater


After building code grab the DLL from bin/debug or bin/release(preferred, build with release config).

Place DLL \& use plugin in No Internet enviromnet

Now move the above grabbed DLL to destination environment somehow network share or pen-drive. and place the DLL to same folder i.e %AppData%\MscrmTools\XrmToolBox\Plugins. And here you go. Open XrmToolBox and you will see this plugin in plugin list, you can use like any other plugin.


Things to consider

  • Some plugins use internet to achieve functionality. those can’t be used.
  • Bigger plugins may contains more data/folder other than DLL, so all data should be moved property.
  • Folder location may change(rare chances) which should be taken care.

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