Virtual Entities In Dynamics 365 (Webinar Content)

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Dynamics 365 India Webinar —–



GitHub Repo for Code used during webinar

  1. Asp.Net WebAPI code for OData V4 Data Provider

  2. Code for Custom Data Provider

  3. Code to interact with CosmosDB trial

Azure resources to try out samples discussed during webinar

(I will remain them deployed until 15 August 2018, to try out examples by attendees)

CosmosDB Credentials URI : Database Name : ToDoList Collection : Items Primary Key : xFAuNvaHDqH2TqbLqBSvIFWhG1st30xUKj29oTk4zPzWGJYn99vB7jlKAsW4AZpzmKLUSYV7rGFPl9GhKrRWtQ==

OData V4 API Endpoint

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