I have one bad habit of keep opening links in new tab in phone without closing old ones. It becomes hectic when I need to find some previously opened link. I thought I can export all those links in some file and can find easily, but it was not a cakewalk.

Once you opens 100th tab on your Chrome for Android, it would stop showing tab count and will show :D smiley instead. or in simple words it will laugh at you. because there’s no easy way (at the time of writing this) to export list of open tabs so we can explore later.

There are some workarounds but not much helpful

  1. How can I transfer all of my open tabs in chrome android to desktop? This solution in superuser just shows recent tabs not all

  2. How can I export the list of open Chrome tabs? Working but not quick

Chrome Laughing at You

Let’s see if any quick and easy way is there to Export all open tabs in Chrome for Android in near future.

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