Boilerplate code for testing Dynamics 365 / CRM code locally

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This code has been written with only intention to save developer’s time while testing Dynamics 365 code which requires connection to CRM organization & IOrganizationService and/or ITracingService instances.

To usse it just download this project, open in Visual Studio and build to restore nugget packages, open Program.cs(below code) and provide credentials to GetOrganizationService method

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        IOrganizationService orgService = Connect.GetOrganizationService(
             "<Your Crush's Name i.e. Your Password>",
             "<CRM login URI>");
        Console.WriteLine("Connected to Organization Service!");
        ITracingService tracingService = Connect.GetTracingService("AshV_Log");
        // Write your code tobe tested here.
  • To test code snippet just write/paste your code at mentioned place and simply run/debug.

  • You can even add references to DLLs in this project and call public methods.